Goddess Nicolette

Are you looking at me? I'm looking right back. 

Performance, exhibitionism, cuckolding, voyeurism. I want to watch you reveal yourself to me. Who are you when no-one but me is looking? Watch me with my IRL lovers. Show me off. Let me show you sides of yourself you never knew were there.

The Gaze

Nicolette Latex by Laura

Tied up, tied down, writhing, struggling in my tentacles. Edging. Uncomfortable. Ecstasy can truly be achieved only through denial. 


Fire Play.jpg

Have you ever wondered what our bodies are really capable of? I'm a scientist and you're my petri dish. 

Come closer, and let me set you alight. Impact; CBT; needles, fire and of course, strap-on play. Breathplay, sploshing, sensory deprivation : more like an opera for all your synapses. 

Bodily Integrity

Nicolette in Lingerie


Fairytale and mystery. Taboo and the banal re-imagined. Playtime in the sandpit of our imaginations, strictly for adults. Role-play, costuming and decadent locations.