Book Club

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I love books but in the last few years I have, like many, succumbed to the short attention span of the millenial, taking in hundreds of internet news articles a week whilst on the go- mostly regarding our impending doom, of course - but rarely sitting down and actually reading a book. You might know that I use the app Pocket to organise and keep track of articles I have seen and wanted to read: this keeps me from suffering “open tab” syndrome; keeps all the articles in an archive; lets me tag them by subject, and best of all, I can read offline. I often catch up on article reading on flights or the underground (where there isn’t wifi) so it’s lovely to have things to read all in one place. It also has a social function where I mostly recommend articles regarding Sesta-Fosta, since I decided it would be interesting to track the media regarding this, and to date have recommended some 80 articles. Pocket isn’t perfect - it often doesn’t download certain kinds of articles like photo-essays, and occasionally chops off the head of the article if the website has put some text above a photo - but I love it. 

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In March 2018, due to technical trouble I was without wifi for almost the entire month, which gave me a lot of time to return to my true love: books. I was a voracious reader as a child, always needing permission to use the libraries of older kids and always could be found in a corner, nose in a book. Speaking of libraries, I personally think the de-funding of public libraries in the UK is a disgrace. I digress…

I read a fair amount on Kindle now. Much as I think Amazon (and their tax evasion, poor working conditions and pay for workers, let alone Jeff Bezos’ support for anti LGBTI candidates) is abhorrent, Kindle changed my life. Before that, I would dedicate half a suitcase or more to books on every holiday, and since I now travel at least monthly, that would be a great expense in extra luggage and weight. I still love paper books though - rifling through dusty second-hand bookshops and emporiums like Foyles, or stumbling upon feel-good bargains at charity shops are great pleasures for me. 

Recent fiction finds

Last year, when I started thinking about how much I missed reading, I started using Goodreads to track my reading, and just about made my pitiful reading challenge in 2017. In 2018, I almost doubled my target (ok, helped a lot by no wifi in March). I’ve also been noting books around that I’d like to read and adding books I’ve always wanted to find time for to the want-to-read function. 

It’s no secret that most of my clients are regulars, and whether we meet once a year or once a month, I’d love to invite you into a book club with me. Read my want-to-read list on Goodreads and talk to me about something you see there. Maybe it’s a favourite book of yours and you’d love to hear my opinion. Or something you’ve been wanting to read and you’d like us to read it together. If you like supporting independent bookshops, then it’s basically an easy wishlist to consult whenever you’d like to treat me, or have something to talk to me about. Despite my actual wishlist, I seem to be usually gifted chocolate anyway, so here I am, hinting heavily - feed my mind, and I’ll take care of the body part myself.

Bond on location

If your lifestyle allows or you’re a friend or otherwise, I’d love to be your friend on Goodreads (and/or Pocket) and get great recommendations from like minds about books you’ve been enjoying. I travel too often to join a local book club, and haven’t really found one with the kind of people I’d like to discuss things with that isn’t too focussed on one genre. Be my book friends! 

If we’re online friends only, or you’d like to gift me between meetings, please let me know if you’d like to sponsor a book purchase from my Goodreads Wishlist and enjoy the pleasure of chatting with me about it, or just my eternal gratitude (and some lingerie snaps). 

Last note: the first podcast I’ve ever listened to (I generally prefer music) is What Page Are You On, which is by two awesome London gals with great opinions, so if my vast and ridiculous to-read list isn’t enough for you, then enjoy! (They also have a book club).